Tim McGraw just gets better and better. And he showed at the 2014 CMA Awards that, even at 47, he's still got what fans are looking for, with a solid performance of 'Shotgun Rider.'

Any woman would melt if country superstar McGraw looked into their eyes and crooned, "I don’t ever want to wake up / Lookin’ into someone else’s eyes / Another voice calling me baby / On the other end of the phone." He did just that at the awards, dressed in his dapper black cowboy hat and singing the mid-tempo love song to all of his adoring fans.

'Shotgun Rider' is McGraw's third single from 'Sundown Heaven Town,' and earlier, he told Rolling Stone Country, “This is one of those songs that really paints a picture and sets a mood. You look over and see the person that you love next to you sitting in the front seat, and you think, ‘How good do I have it? Life is perfect.’

"There is a certain warmth to this song and several others like it that really establish the tone for the whole album," he adds.

We certainly hope he sings this song to wife Faith Hill if she's ever having a down day. After all, whose day wouldn't be a little bit brighter after that? To be McGraw's shotgun rider ... now, that's definitely a dream come true. At least fans got a taste of it by watching him perform the solid, addictive, beautifully written song.