The Roys are giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first look at the video for their newest single, "Those Boots." The song is from their fourth studio album, The View.

""Those Boots" is a song I helped write with my good friend, Jenee Fleenor," Lee Roy says. "We had the idea to write stories that encompasses boots: a farmer, the military and then obviously the singer, walking out to the Grand Ole Opry stage."

The music video features scenes corresponding to each story, as well as clips of construction workers and firefighters, interspersed with footage of the Roys performing the song while seated on a couch in a living room -- simple, but effective, visuals to complement the tune.

"It was a song that we weren't sure if we were going to cut, until we got in the studio," Roy adds, "and we just realized we had to put it on the record. I'm very proud of this song."

The View, the 11-track album that houses "Those Boots," was the result of a lot of hard work from the sibling duo.

“We always go in the studio with the mindset that this is our last record,” Roy tells The Boot. “You never know if there’s going to be another record around the corner or what’s gonna happen. So we wanted to go in and really make a record that was who we are. We’re a little bit bluegrass and a little bit country, and for a while we tried to shy away from saying that we’re both. But it is who we are. So we tried to go in and cut a record and not worry about, ‘Does this track sound bluegrass? Does this sound country?’”

Adds Elaine Roy, "For years, our fans have been telling us they really love the songs we write. We really wanted to explore ... This album, more than anything we’ve done so far, has our signature on it -- from beginning to end."

The View is available for download on iTunes or for purchase on the Roys' website.