Just in time for Passover and Easter, The Cancellations serve up a song for those not spiritually inclined. "Taking You to War" is a damning indictment of those who bend religion to their own needs. The track swells with strings and synths, calling to mind '90s Christian rock. The Nashville and Madison, Wisc.-based band turn the trope on its head, issuing a proud rejection of intolerance and faith, a kind of redemption in faithlessness.

"This is a worship song for those with nothing left to worship," singer Ellie Maybe explains. "It's an ever-building folk-rock tune where tender vocals are peppered with violin swells and a soaring guitar solo. At its crux, though, it is a song for the atheists, the agnostics, the deconstructionists — those who are just trying to survive spiritually in a society dominated by the manipulation of faith."

The Cancellations quip that they "embody depression you can dance to." They draw inspiration from Lillith Fair, grunge, alt-rock, Americana -- and millennial disillusionment. "Taking You to War" is as much a nod to the Nashville Sound as it is to generations of anti-authoritarian rockers.

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