Next month, Taylor Swift will no longer be a teenager. The country superstar turns 20 on Dec. 13. And after her performance at the CMA Awards on Wednesday, some are wondering if leaving her teens behind might mean leaving her squeaky clean image behind, as well.

Singing her new song, 'Forever and Always,' Taylor -- clad in skin-tight black leather pants, knee-high boots and a flowy silk blouse -- added a bit more choreography to her performance than usual, even sliding down a pole! What did you think of the performance from the 43rd Annual CMA Awards' top winner of the night? Watch it below, then let us know what you think!

Taylor's rock edge is nothing new, however. She held her own with Def Leppard at their 'CMT Crossroads' taping, dancing up a storm with the hard rockers who burned up the charts before she was even born. And just last week, she dared to drop a 9-letter D-word on 'Saturday Night Live,' singing in her opening segment, "I like writing songs about d-----bags who cheat on me / But I'm not going to say that in my monologue / I like writing their names into songs so they're ashamed to go out in public / But I'm not going to say that in my monologue."

Looks like Taylor is growing up! But we have to say, her role model status is still good in our book.