Lisa Matassa

Lisa Matassa Pays Tribute to Johnny Cash at Ryman Debut
Long Island country singer Lisa Matassa made her debut at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville during last week's CMA Music Festival. The 'Somebody's Baby' singer performed the Johnny Cash classic 'Home of the Blues' as part of the Cash family's celebration of the limited edition Johnny Cash Forever Stamp...
Lisa Matassa Working to Put ‘Long Island Country’ on the Map
Lisa Matassa says it's alright to call her a country newcomer, even though she's been entertaining for over 20 years. The singer began her career with two dance hits before turning to the music she grew up loving. Her new EP, 'Somebody's Baby,' is a mix of all her influences -- a style she's coined as "Long Island country...
Lisa Matassa, ‘Somebody’s Baby’ Video Premiere
Lisa Matassa is a mom first, country star second. So the New York native was immediately drawn to her new song, "Somebody's Baby," the first time she heard it. "As a mom, I entirely related to the lyrics because I have two teenagers who are going off to college soon and I know that no matter where they end up in life, no matter how old they may be, I will always consider them to be