Eddie Montgomery Discovered His Cancer Literally by Accident
Rick Diamond, Getty Images
Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery, whose father died from prostate cancer at age 52, was fortunate to receive an early diagnosis for the same form of cancer. If it had not been for his son being in an accident in November, he may not have found out about his conditi…
Eddie Montgomery Is Pronounced Cancer-Free!
Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry has been given a clean bill of health and is now devoid of cancer.
"Mr. Montgomery underwent successful robotic surgery for prostate cancer in December," his doctor, Thomas Kirk Slabaughm Jr., reveals...
Eddie Montgomery Beats Prostate Cancer
Christmas has come early for Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery, who is resting at home following a successful surgery earlier this week to treat prostate cancer. According to his publicist, Eddie's doctors say that no further treatment should be needed.