Chicago native Scott Wesley is premiering his brand-new music video for "Heavy Rotation," his latest single, exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"Heavy Rotation" is a super-catchy, tongue-in-cheek track that explores the journey of following your dreams, being in love and the complications that can arise when coupled together, and its accompanying clip was shot during the live recording session for the song. The track has an organic sound, an old country vibe, honky-tonk piano and a tinge of the blues.

The lyrics of "Heavy Rotation" — "They say, 'Get a job,' but I just don't want one / I'm gonna write a hit song someday / And it's gonna make us a million dollars / And I'll provide for us that way." — are filled with the type of optimism that artists have when they move to Music City hoping to make it big, full of dreams and ambition. Though the song champions following your dreams and drowning out the naysayers, Wesley is quick to note that he has a great support system — and that any negativity only propels him to work harder.

""Heavy Rotation" isn't specifically about me, although I do relate to the song, for the most part," he tells The Boot. "I've always had a great support system throughout my life (unlike the character in the song); however, I have definitely encountered plenty of people along the way that have tried to discourage me.

"The song, in a lot of ways, is about using that negative energy as a catalyst to push even harder for what you want," Wesley continues. ""Heavy Rotation" isn't just an ode to all the struggling musicians out there but is also for anyone who has a dream to follow and something to prove."

In the lead single from his upcoming self-titled EP, Wesley also sigs of saying goodbye to the lifestyle of waiting tables and bars and advises the skeptical love interest in the song, "You'll be kicking yourself when you hear / That song in heavy rotation on that country station."

Wesley's 5-song eponymous EP is set for release on Sept. 11. "Heavy Rotation" is available now on iTunes.

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