Scott DeCarlo has taken a long, winding road to country music. A former New Jersey Police Sergeant, the musician traded in his badge after 16 years of service to launch a new career in country.

It wasn't easy at first. DeCarlo found himself playing to empty rooms at the world-renowned Kenny's Castaways in New York's West Village. “Even the soundman didn’t want to be there,” he recalls. “But, after a long while working through extreme lows and very few highs, people began coming to listen one at a time, and the experience has influenced me to continue on my path, and being on the path is the reward.”

In 2012 he released his debut album, 'A Whole New Kind of Crazy.' Now DeCarlo is giving fans an exclusive look at the video for his newest song, 'I See Trouble Coming.' Written by Chris Young, Ira Dean and David Lee Murphy, the song is a perfect example of DeCarlo's high-energy country rock. He's been using that energy in his live shows to build a strong following in the Northeast, even opening for Young at a recent show.

“I am constantly inspired by the achieving underdog, the work ethic of those who have nothing, and give everything of themselves,” says DeCarlo. “Those individuals bold enough to follow their sound, their dreams and remain steadfast in their goals of high achievement through all obstacles.”