Sara Evans has just completed filming a video for her new single, 'Slow Me Down,' and readers of The Boot get to see it a little bit early via this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Directed by Peter Zavadil -- who has helmed many of Evan's previous videos -- the clip features Evans in a wedding gown singing the song, alternating with clips of she and her man fighting before she breaks up with him.

Her love interest in the video is played by NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, who got a call from the singer just days before the scheduled shoot. He turned out to be a great on-screen presence, though as the clip above shows, the "argument" that he had with Evans -- which is seen but not heard in the final video -- consisted of excruciatingly funny dialogue like, "My a-- hurts so bad from riding my bike yesterday."

'Slow Me Down' is the first single from Evan's upcoming seventh studio album, which is slated for release in early 2014. The song recently earned the singer the biggest first week radio adds of her career to date.

“I knew, as I’ve known with other songs that I’ve written and recorded, that ‘Slow Me Down’ was me,” Evans explains. “I love songs that evoke emotion — it really is what connects people to the music. When we went into the studio to record ['Slow Me Down'] my main goal was to capture the desperation and passion in the song — to strike a balance between a strong vocal and the emotion that would pull in the listener.”

The full video for 'Slow Me Down' will be released on Wednesday (Oct. 23).

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