Don't call Ryan Adams a country star. The singer-songwriter is often described as alt-country or country rock, but in actuality, he despises country music.

"I hate HATE country music. I always have," Adams writes on his blog. "I 'reference' it when I make music that sounds like that, the way a director would use water as a backdrop for a scene with a shark in it. But I cannot stand country music one bit."

Adams goes on to complain about the way he was treated at Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium, referring to his concert there several years ago when he infamously stopped the show to ask a heckler to leave.

"I never KICKED OUT anyone from a concert," Adams writes. "The Ryman Auditorium (a s--thole in Nashville) has the balls to charge you for security when you play there, but if some college kid, and I mean SOUTHERN college kid, decides to get wasted and scream through 7 songs of a solo acoustic performance, they could give a f--k. I went into the audience and handed him what I thought the ticket price was (40 bucks) and asked him to leave. I said, 'You have successfully ruined this concert, so here is your money, now will you go home now so I can at least try and give the rest of this audience what they paid for.' It did not work as the woman who runs that s--thole re-seated him, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT people CHEERED when he was ushered to a new seat."

Several news reports after the concert claimed Adams wanted the drunk fan kicked out because he called him Bryan Adams and requested that singer's hit song 'Summer of '69.' Adams refutes that, insisting that the kid was simply being loud and disrespectful.

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