Almost two years after Ray Price's death, AmeriMonte Records is releasing a new single off of his final album.

"No More Songs to Sing" was penned by Robert Ellis Orrall, Roger Springer and Tony Ramey and appears on Beauty Is ... the Final Sessionswhich was released on April 15, 2014, almost exactly four months after Price's death. The country singer passed away on Dec. 16, 2013, from pancreatic cancer; he was 87.

""No More Songs to Sing" was like a walk down memory lane for me," Price's widow, Janie Price, says in a press release. "Listening to Ray sing this beautiful song was as if he was here again, and I recalled the times he spoke these very words to me: 'Honey, someday when I am done singing, we'll do all the things we planned.'

"... As hard as he tried, he could not deny his greatest love -- to sing ...," Janie Price continues. "My hope is that, every day, someone, somewhere, will hear Ray Price singing and they, like Ray, will say, 'There'll never be a day when there's "No More Songs to Sing."'"

Since his death, Price has been honored by the country music community in a number of ways, including an exhibit at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, a Country's Family Reunion tribute and a special Opry Classics show. The impact he had on country music during his time in the industry is difficult to overstate.

"You know, if anyone knows the history of country music, and if anyone knows Ray Price’s story, I don’t see how the two can be separated," Janie Price tells The Boot. "This man literally is country music. He opened the doors; he built the stages; he set the stages. Ray Price paid out of his pocket. He’s the one who hired all of the violin players, and the dobros and the cellos. He introduced those to country music. Do you listen to a song now that doesn’t have them on it?

"Ray Price is country music as far as I’m concerned," she adds. "I may be over-embellishing it because I’m his wife, but let me tell you, that’s how I feel."

Beauty Is ... the Final Sessions is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Ray Price, "No More Songs to Sing":