Michael Grimm, the most recent winner on NBC's hit show, 'America's Got Talent,' released his debut album on Sony's Epic Records yesterday (May 17). The Nevada resident says the new CD is a blend of all his favorite styles of music -- with a few superstar guests lending their talents to the project.

"The album itself, I'm very proud of," Michael tells Mississippi TV station WLOX. "It's an Americana/rock 'n roll/soul album. It kind of has a folksy touch to it in the back. [Producer] Don Was did a great job capturing who I am in this album and putting the right musicians behind me and the right music behind me. I have a duet with Travis Tritt. I have a duet with Ann Wilson of Heart."

Not only did Michael earn a recording contract by winning the TV show, he also scored a one-million-dollar paycheck, which he's using to build his grandparents a home in Diamondhead, Miss. The couple tragically lost their home in Hurricane Katrina. "They raised me," he explains. "They're not getting any younger and I don't want them living out in a little trailer out in the middle of the woods."

His grandmother, Laura Butters, is grateful for the generous gift. "Sometimes I just have to stop and pinch myself and say, 'Is this really true?'" she says. "I'm just so overwhelmed. I don't know what to think. [I'm] just so grateful I'm getting a new home, that Michael has really come through with his talent."

On Monday (May 23), Michael will return to the set of the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show,' where he previously proposed to his girlfriend the day after winning 'America's Got Talent.' Watch the video for his first single, 'You Don't Know Me,' here.