Artistic freedom is paramount to Lucie Silvas on her 2018 album E.G.O., and few songs express that sentiment better than the project's lead-off single, "Kite." While Silvas admits that the sound of the song doesn't reflect every track on the album, she wanted to release "Kite" as an introduction to E.G.O. because of its strong, powerful lyrics -- and because it's so much fun to sing.

According to Silvas, "Kite" was nearly as much fun to write as it is to sing, too. Read on to learn all about the process of creating the track.

The process was so fun. I was in the studio with Natalie Hemby and Gabe Simon, two artists that I absolutely love. I was making a joke, like, "Oh, poor John [Osborne, of Brothers Osborne]. My husband, he's got his work cut out for him sometimes." I was joking. I'm always self-deprecating like that, because John is so sweet, and I'm so crazy sometimes.

Natalie was saying, "Boy, you better hold those strings" -- we were joking! -- and I started thinking, "Well, I'm in a place in my life where I'm with a person who I can still be independent with, and that's really hard to find." I think the process of writing it was thinking about how if you're not with that person, it's gonna be trouble, because you're gonna get hurt and they're gonna get hurt.

When it came to recording the song, I knew the whole album didn't sound like this song, but this song felt like a really strong, bold song to put out first. It's funky, and I love singing it. It's just a really good intro to the general thesis of the album, which is [full of] strong lyrics, whether they're sad, or vulnerable or feisty.

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