Don't start shaking your heads just yet. The musical pairing of Kellie Pickler and Justin Tranter, frontman of the glam-rock band Semi Precious Weapons, isn't so off base. The two singers, who co-wrote a song called 'Black Tears,' are apparently like long lost friends!

"We clicked instantly, probably because we look like gorgeous blond twins, both wearing five-inch heels, separated at birth and raised on different planets," Justin tells Rolling Stone. "I have the filthiest rock and roll band in New York, and she is a Southern Belle country music princess, but we can just talk for hours like we are the same girl."

The Southern Belle and her new "twin" met back in February, at Fashion Week in New York City. They met up in the Big Apple again last week, after Kellie performed with Taylor Swift at a sold-out concert there.

"After the show at Madison Square Garden, we went to a little restaurant and pigged out on french fries, macaroni and cheese and champagne," Kellie says. "We ended up writing a song in the bathroom!"

That song, 'Black Tears,' is -- according to Justin -- "all about crying while wearing too much makeup. So country, so glam, so rock and roll, so beautiful."

There's no word yet on who will put the song on an album -- Kellie or Semi Precious Weapons. But it sounds like it could be a crossover hit.

"Kellie is so much more rock and roll than anyone knows," Justin gushes. "But I think the world will find out soon."

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