Luke Bryan recently made some comments about outlaw country legends in an interview, and his words were viewed as an attack on singers like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. Now, Jennings' daughter-in-law, Kathy Pinkerman Jennings, is responding back with her own fighting words.

Kathy Pinkerman Jennings is married to Buddy Jennings, one of Waylon Jennings' sons, and makes it clear that she isn't speaking for the Jennings family, just giving her own personal opinion. Although Bryan defended his comments ("I don’t know about laying in the gutter, strung out on drugs. I don’t really want to do that.") in a series of tweets on Friday (July 10), Kathy Pinkerman Jennings posted an impassioned note for the "Kick the Dust Up" hitmaker on her Facebook page on Friday.

Jennings writes:

To Luke Bryan:

I hope your family members are proud of you for using your WORLDWIDE platform to take the time to disrespect my father-in-law. You have managed to PROVE to the world your true self.

Albeit that Waylon’s drug use is well documented and something he overcame, I assure you, he was never “laying in a gutter.” At the peak of his career and drug abuse, he was making history and setting records. He single handedly paved the way for you and everyone else to make music the way the artist wanted to make it. I’m not willing to waste my time to debate your “music” and / or the fact you have zillions of fans – I will however, not sit back and be quiet when you have so blatantly disrespected Waylon.

I recall the time I was at the Grand Ole Opry to visit with Andy Griggs, you were making your debut appearance. My friend that was with us had just seen your video. As we stood at the side of the stage, Jeannie [Seely] was talking to us, and you walked over to introduce yourself to her and told her how much you admired her. She in turn introduced you to myself and my husband. I almost got a cavity because of the sweetness of the words coming out of your mouth – you told us Waylon was one of your musical heroes. You went on and on and on.

This is not about music, outlaw country, whatever – it’s about DISRESPECT.

You are a platinum, disrespecting, no singing, whining, grasping for media attention, a--hole. Use your platform for something good, instead of bashing the LEGENDS that came before you.

She also posted a YouTube video (which you can watch above) to explain that she was not speaking on behalf of the whole Jennings family and followed up with another post explaining that, due to many fiery comments from Bryan's supporters, she disabled comments on the video.

"I am simply not going to engage in a debate with Luke Bryan's fans and supporters. I was speaking to HIM," Jennings writes. "The fans had already started an avalanche of comments that were personally attacking me -- the only way to show their 'support' I suppose was to bad mouth the messenger. I admit it -- I'm old, I'm fat (don't need that to be pointed out to me -- I am well aware of it), and I called him an A--HOLE. I also used the 'F' word.

"I'm not apologizing -- no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT, he should have never said what he said," she adds. "I stand FIRMLY on what I said."

Neither Nelson nor Haggard, nor any of their family members, has commented about Bryan's words.

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