Country singer Kaitlyn Baker has just released a new single, 'Burn.' The song combines a message from a country preacher and tales of a grandmother's cheating ex-husband in one anthemic tune.

“For a long time, I had this lyric on the tip of my tongue: ‘The truth will stand when the world’s on fire.’ I remembered it from a sermon when I was a little girl,” she recalls. “I started thinking about how it might apply to someone who’s been cheated on, like my mamaw, back when she was young. She kicked the guy out and went on to raise four children by herself. She won’t tolerate anyone doing something wrong. She’s such a strong woman.”

The 19-year-old, who has already recorded three albums, says she doesn't have to look far for inspiration for her tunes.

“Most of my songs are based on my own experiences or what I’ve seen happen to other people,” she explains. “I love telling stories through music.”

The Virginia native says her new set of songs is the most authentic and honest representation of herself that she has ever shared with her fans.

"This new album is very important to me," she states. "Not only because I co-wrote each of the songs, but because the songs are full-hearted, genuinely me. Songwriting has allowed me to write stories about true events in my life as well as about things that have great meaning to me. I am very forthcoming about my faith, love, my hometown and my love for music."

Baker's upcoming album will be released on Silvercreek Records, and distributed by Sony/RED.

Download 'Burn' here.