It's been five years since Josh Kelley released his last album, Georgia Clay, but the singer is back in the studio readying a new project. New Lane Road is set for release on Sugar Hill Records on April 22.

Kelley has been hard at work writing, recording and producing the new record at the studio that he built off of his family's barn, located just a few miles from his house in Utah. The singer has spent the last three years getting New Lane Road ready for release, even playing a majority of the instruments himself.

"Being the producer, the engineer and the artist can get lonely sometimes, but it's very empowering and very satisfying creatively," Kelley says in a press release. "For me, there's no better drug than spending the morning writing a song, spending the afternoon recording and producing it, and then making a copy and listening to it in the car on the way home. It's so much fun having that instant gratification of creating something from scratch.”

A complete track listing for New Lane Road is below. The album is available for pre-order now via iTunes; fans who pre-order the project will receive "It's Your Move," the disc's first track, instantly. Kelley recently released a music video for the song, directed by (and also starring) his wife, actress Katherine Heigl. Part of the reason for Kelley's lengthy break in between discs is due to his decision to step away slightly from his music career to focus on his role as a father to two adopted children with Heigl.

Kelley is set to join his brother, Charles Kelley, for select dates of Charles Kelley's The Driver Tour. A list of upcoming shows can be found at

Josh Kelley, New Lane Road Track Listing:

1. “It’s Your Move”
2. “The Rock Who Found a Rollin’ Stone”
3. “Call It What It Is”
4. “Take It on Back”
5. “The Best of Me”
6. “New Lane Road”
7. “One Foot in the Grave"
8. “Anywhere You Wanna Go”
9. “Cowboy Love Song”
10. “I’ll Be Standin’ Tall"
11. “Life’s Too Short”
12. “Only God Can Stop Her Now”

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