Joey + Rory singer Joey Martin Feek recently underwent surgery after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Her husband and duo-mate, Rory Feek, revealed the news on Wednesday in a post to his blog, This Life I Live.

It’s a strange thing when your doctor starts crying before you do.  Especially when it’s a doctor you don’t really even know.  This was only the second time we had ever seen her.  Strangely, the first time was when we were at the hospital after the birth of Indiana, and she is the one who took me out into the hall and told me that she believed that our baby had Down Syndrome.   I was completely caught off guard.   In the excitement and joy of Indy’s birth, none of us had even given her little almond eyes a thought.   But from that moment on, I knew our lives and our story would forever be different.  And once again, as we heard this sweet doctor say “it’s just not fair” through her tears… we knew that our lives and our story was taking another unexpected turn.

The news came just months after the birth of the couple's first child together, Indiana Boone Feek. The baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome in March. Rory says his wife's first reaction was to worry about the baby -- would she still be able to breast-feed, and more, would she still be able to watch her newborn grow up?

"I can honestly say that in the six months that we’ve been off the road and taking a break from the music business, I haven’t picked up a guitar once and Joey and I haven’t sang a single song together," he shares. "But when I came in the house that day and saw Joey holding Indiana in her arms, singing “I Need Thee Every Hour”… I went into the closet, pulled out a guitar and came and sat beside her.  For a half-hour straight, we held our little one and we cried and we sang these words over and over."

The cancer was caught early, and Joey got to return home after undergoing a hysterectomy. As it stands, she will not require chemo or radiation.

"Yes, it has been quite a year for us so far," Rory says. "In the past six months, God has taken us places we never dreamed we would go. It’s been terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. We never know what tomorrow will bring…none of us do. But what an incredible journey life is. We are just going to continue to trust Him and hold to each other and… pedal, pedal!"

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