Country singer Joe Diffie is readying a new album for release in the first half of 2019, and he's premiering the project's next single with The Boot. Readers can press play above to hear "Quit You."

Written by Danny Bell, Jeffrey East and Andy Eutsler, "Quit You" finds Diffie singing about an addictive sort of love. Like a cigarette or a drink, he's tried to put it down -- "someday, it's gonna do me in," Diffie sings, and "there's no tellin' just how sideways I might get" -- but he just can't give it up for good.

"I can crush it out / Pour it down the drain / Give up my vices / Curse your name," goes the chorus of "Quit You," fueled by acoustic guitar and percussion. "But in the end, it all winds up the same / No matter what I do, no matter what I do / I can't quit you."

“Anyone who’s ever fallen for someone so hard they can’t think of anything else will understand why I love this song," Diffie tells The Boot. "I only had to hear it once to know I wanted to record it.”

A Tulsa, Okla., native, Diffie first rose to country music fame in the 1990s. His debut single, 1990's "Home," earned the artist his first No. 1 song, which he followed with four more chart-topping tunes, including "Pickup Man" and "Third Rock From the Sun."

"I've always loved well-written songs. There's really no magic formula; I've just always drawn on my own experience, whether it's falling in love or hanging out in a bar," Diffie reflects. "I feel like, if I relate to it, other people will, too."

Diffie's next album, I Got This, is due out in Spring 2019. It's being produced by Phil O'Donnell.

"Phil's very inventive and is such a pleasure to work with," Diffie says. "He has some unique ideas. He's kind of laid back, like me."

"Quit You" is Diffie's second single from I Got This. It follows the album's title track, which was released earlier this year.