Rinsing off our fruit is a given even when they have a skin you don't actually eat. It's all about removing possible pesticides and elements like grime as well as all the steps those crates of fruit go through from farm to the grocery store.

Yes, from seedlings to full growth, picking the fruit, to finally having it land in the grocery store, farmers' markets, and fruit stands means some natural amount of debris, dirt, bugs, spiders, or tiny worms.

Yes, larvae or tiny black spiders are sometimes nestled within fruit, especially strawberries. This actually makes sense since strawberries come from the ground.

Home Remedies via YouTube
Home Remedies via YouTube

The good news according to the website All Recipes, is that none of these critters that made those juicy, sweet, and delicious strawberries home  are harmful to our health. As a matter of fact, eating the teeniest of bugs is part of everyday life.

However, one thing is for sure, it's still gross to think we're eating larvae and little worms when we take a bite out of that fresh, summer strawberry.


It's actually quite easy to remove those little worms which are actually larvae as well as other teeny tiny bugs that could be living in your strawberries. According to the Home Remedies YouTube channel, this is a great way to clean all fruit, especially the fruit that  grows in the ground.

  • Fill Bowl With Warm Water
  • Use One Tablespoon Salt for Every Cup of Water
  • Let Salt Dissolve
  • Put Strawberries in Bowl
  • Let Sit for 15-30 Minutes
  • Remove Strawberries, Rinse, and Dry


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On a side note, according to Southern Living, only wash the strawberries you plan to eat within a day or two since strawberries are absorbent. Washed strawberries will hold water no matter how much you dry them and go bad much more quickly.

Even though they should always be stored in the refrigerator, always eat them at room temperature for the best flavor as well.

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