A bride warned her friend that the clearance dress she bought to wear to her upcoming wedding in New Orleans might be criticized by the bride's "very Southern" family members.

"Ceremony is in church, but she has said it’s okay as long as I wear a shawl for that (also pinning slit for safe measure). She has also OK'd the dress for the reception but warned that some of her more conservative family members might be judgy," the woman wrote on Reddit.

"Wondering if I should just go with a safer option?" she concluded her post.

See a photo of the dress, below:

attachment-Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 02-36-49 Too much for southern wedding r_OUTFITS

Readers had mixed reactions in the comments section.

"The dress looks great on you, with the shawl not so much. It looks like you're being punished for breaking the dress code at school. I always say to hell with what the prudes... Some people don't have the couth to not make things about them. If you think that the workarounds are going to detract from what you liked about the dress in the first place, the safer option might be the best option," one person wrote.

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"Personally I wouldn't wear it to a wedding just because it's so revealing," another user chimed in.

"I think that if the bride says [that] you're good to go! You should be confident that on her day she's totally fine. Everyone else's opinions are noise. You will have your church cover option too if you get uncomfortable. Otherwise you should ROCK that dress because you look gorgeous!" someone else commented.

"It is a lot, seems a bit big and doesn’t really compliment you," another shared.

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