Morgan Wallen is no longer on Instagram. The "Cowgirls" singer seemingly deleted his @morganwallen profile over the weekend with no explanation.

Additionally, his "Cowgirls" partner Ernest has left the platform. His @ernest handle leads to a "Sorry, this page isn't available" message.

  • Wallen and Ernest still have active profiles on X and Facebook.
  • Neither has posted to X in several weeks. Ernest shared video to Facebook earlier this week but Wallen's last post was on May 28.
  • The two men are good friends and frequent collaborators. Both are on Big Loud Records.

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What Happened to Morgan Wallen's Instagram Page?

Wallen's team did not respond to a request for an explanation.

While a password hack or some other technical glitch could also explain the removal of all of his previous photos and profile, fans have some other theories.

Fans think it's part of early promotion for some kind of new music announcement or event. Other Big Loud artists (Hardy, Ashley Cooke) still have active profiles so it's not a record label wide outage. This kind of thing is not unheard of. The Band Perry deleted all previous social media posts ahead of new music on two occasions.

Zach Bryan hops on and off X (formerly) Twitter so often it's hard to keep up.

Picture of Fan Response to Morgan Wallen deleting Instagram

Wallen previously shared a life update that included news that he was recording new music. He planned to release "Lies, Lies, Lies" soon, he said on June 19. His last album was One Thing at a Time in 2023.

A second theory popular among fans is that Wallen is upset about ... something. There's not much agreement here but a few people suggested Ernest responded as some kind of show of solidarity. There is really not any tangible evidence to suggest a professional disagreement, making this theory a bit of a stretch.

One final theory is Wallen and/or his team have grown tired of having to monitor the conversation on social media. His fans are remarkably supportive, but he's been a controversial figure in country music for nearly four years. Plenty of critics have shown up in his comments.

One other notable person still using Instagram at the moment is Katie Smith, the mother of his son. There fans will still find all kinds of pictures of the little boy.

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Morgan Wallen has sold his Nashville home for $835,000. The country singer sold his home for a $135,000 profit five months after being filmed on his driveway using the N-word. The 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house is a two-story house near Nashville's 8th Ave. It's over 2,700 square feet. Redfin confirmed the house sold on July 8, 2021, less than one month after it was listed.