When Calls the Heart actress, Mamie Laverock, is recovering and "doing well" after getting out of surgery.

Laverock has garnered a following for her role in the hit Hallmark series, When Calls the Heart, where she plays the role of Rosaleen Sullivan, a nursing student.

The 19-year-old was placed on life support after falling from a five-story balcony. Her family started a GoFundMe and has been posting most updates there.

Good news was shared in the most recent post to the page, surprising a lot of fans who were waiting on an update.

"Mamie is out of her big surgeries and the doctors say she is doing well," the post shared. "It's impossible for us to be happier."

The positive news comes after the family's spokesperson told ABC News this week, "Mamie is currently in surgery and we are expecting an update from the surgeons and doctors later today."

On May 11, Laverock's mother, Nicole, traveled to Winnipeg to help the actress with what was described as a "medical emergency."

Her mother "was able to get there in time to save her life" and she was taken to a hospital in Winnipeg. The actress was later moved to a hospital in Vancouver.

"Her recovery is unclear at this time, but she is alive and is showing signs of improvement," her family spokesperson initially shared on the donation page.

The fundraiser page posted a sad update that alarmed all the fans of the heartwarming series.

"Update: We are deeply saddened to report that on May 26th, Mamie, who has been in intensive treatment for the past two weeks, was escorted out of a secure unit of the hospital and taken up to a balcony walkway from which she fell five stories. She sustained life-threatening injuries, has undergone multiple extensive surgeries, and is currently on life support."

Lots of support and donations came rolling in for the actress including from the lead in the series with a sweet post of support with the caption, "I just donated. If you have the means to do so, I hope you will too."

In addition to When Calls the Heart, Laverock has appeared in a number of other TV shows and movies, including the mystery thriller The Killing GameA Series of Unfortunate Events, and more. Our thoughts are with Laverock and her family at this difficult time.

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