Post Malone didn't just dip his toes into country music, he did a cannonball. With his smash-hit song "I Had Some Help" with Morgan Wallen, as well as a new track he and Blake Shelton just released, Malone is working with all of country music's heavy hitters.

Well, thanks to Luke Combs, we now know that another big Post Malone collaboration is on its way.

Post Malone and Luke Combs Tease New Collaboration About a Lost Love

On Wednesday night (July 10), Combs posted a snippet of a new song with Post Malone called "Guy for That."

Combs posted the clip of the song with a cryptic message as the caption. The "Better Together" singer said, "We doin' this or what, @Postmalone?"

It's a catchy song about a lost love and how he has a guy to fix everything, but doesn't have a "Guy For That," to bring her back to him.

The lyrics to the snippet posted can give you a good idea on the direction the rest of the song is heading.

CHORUS: She's searchin' for someone who's gonna build it back / But I ain't got a guy for that / Ain't got a guy for that / Ain't got a guy for that / Ain't got a guy for that 

Combs verse: Know a V.I.P. up at M.I.T. / And he still won't let me fly the time machine / Someone to turn back the hands on my new AP / But buddy what I really need / Is someone to put her tires back in the drive / And if they don't, then I just might / Lose what's left of my never lovin' mind / I'm damn near down to my last dime / I'm pretty good at breakin' down a heart / But pickin' up the pieces is the hard part 

The track is another fast-paced song at over 100 beats per minute, as it seems that Malone is putting out his first few country records with some tempo.

Interestingly, Malone replied to Combs' post in the comments section. Malone reveals that this might not have been the only track that the two superstars were working on.

Malone said, "Okay, FINE but you like this more than the other one?!?!" That comment alone has over 6,000 likes, showing just how much country fans really want to hear all of the Post Malone country music he has to offer.

No date is set for the release of this track, but if everything plays out like it usually does, the teaser for the song is usually followed by the release of the song, soon after.

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