Country music fans learned five important things about Jelly Roll during an extensive interview that's being shared across the internet this week.

The "Halfway To Hell" singer visited with Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul and revealed new details about his relationship with his wife, new music, how marijuana keeps him sober and more.

As usual, Jelly Roll's honesty and vulnerability are stunning. Watch the video or scroll down to learn about five things we learned.

The full, un-edited interview will drop on the Taste of Country Nights, On Demand podcast on Wednesday. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you podcast.

"Halfway To Hell" is inside the Top 5 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, on its way to become the singer's fourth straight No. 1 song.

Jelly Roll's Wife Is Hurting

At 1:24, Jelly Roll opens up about wife Bunnie Xo, whose father Bill died earlier this month. One would guess she was grieving but it's complicated in this case.

"Her and her father didn't have the best relationship throughout her whole life and they really didn't start getting too cool until she was in her 30s," he says. "Even then it was very tumultuous. So it's kind of one of those things where it was a sad ending to a book that already wasn't incredible."

Jelly Roll is Ready To Release New Music

He tells Evan Paul he has over 150 songs written for his next album, the follow-up to Whitsitt Chapel (2023). Fan stories inspired the songwriting, which is audible on the two songs he has performed so far: "Liar" and "I Am Not OK."

Jelly Roll's ACM Awards performance was a symbolic, flag-in-the-ground moment that signaled the start of a new chapter. He's very nervous about this next album however.

"Which is crazy because I've put out 32 albums in my career. I've released 350 songs and I'm over here like, 'I hope I don't have a sophomore slump.'"

Jelly Roll ACM Performance of Liar
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Marijuana Keeps Him Sober

This is the part of Jelly Roll's interview with Taste of Country that has made headlines in dozen of national publications. At 5:30 he goes into detail about how marijuana helps him deal with his anxiety. It's compelling and begins about five minutes of conversation that you won't be able to turn away from.

Fan reaction has been mostly positive to Jelly Roll's confession. "Sober since 3/12/1989," writes one fan on YouTube. "I do respect him for his decision. He has came so far and I’m so excited to see how far he will go. Mad respect for both him and Bunnie."

"Some people think if you are doing weed you aren't sober," types another fan. "Carry on in your delusions, as weed is keeping people alive, and just like Jelly, weed saved someone I love more than my own soul."

Jelly Roll and His Wife Have an Agreement

At 7:11, Jelly opens up about his relationship with his wife and admits they're free to look at — and talk about — other people they find attractive. In fact, they can go further but to snip out a quote would do the couple an injustice so we'll insist that you watch to understand how "open" they are with one another.

This segment begins with a question about whose DMs are worse. It's simply hilarious, if a little bit vulgar.

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Jelly Roll's Backstage Rider Includes ...

What does Jelly Roll insist on having at every show? Socks!

Fresh, clean socks are a big deal in his life but beyond that it doesn't sound like he demands very much. Maybe he'll ask for some room to park his portable sauna. Don't worry, we asked the right question:

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