Grammy Award-winning country star Carly Pearce has been riding the wave of success for a few years now.

Recently, she revealed she was diagnosed with a heart condition called pericarditis, which has restricted her activity until it can be remedied.

Carly Pearce Reveals Which Songs Gives Her Trouble After Heart Condition Diagnosis

In speaking with the "I Hope You're Happy Now" singer on Taste of Country Nights With Evan Paul, Pearce started explaining what she has to do while doctors work to control her heart condition.

Pearce said, "I have to keep my heart rate at a certain point, in my daily life and on stage. So that means exercise, running around a stage, singing, all of that stuff ... I just can't push it."

Knowing her heart rate has to stay under a certain BPM, I asked her if there is any song in her live set that she has trouble singing due to not being able to control her heart rate during it.

I wear my Apple Watch now watch during shows, and it's crazy how much my heart rate gets...I've been joking that 'We Don't Fight Anymore' is really hard to sing, I guess, because my heart rate gets up, all on its own.

It was hard to tell if Pearce was referring to the fact that the song is challenging vocally, and that's what makes her heart rate go up, or if the song causes her anxiety because she once lived it and wrote about it, and has to re-live those memories.

If you attend a Pearce live show and she gets to her duet with Chris Stapleton, just know, it's not easy for the country hitmaker to make it through that song currently.

Either way, Pearce assured us in an exclusive health update that slowly but surely, she is indeed getting better and better each day.

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