If you are heading to a Philadelphia Eagles game this upcoming season and find yourself thirsty for some beer, you better bring a big wallet.

The average price for a 16 ounce beer in NFL Stadiums stands at $9.56 with the most popular price standing at $11.00 with four teams charging that price (Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, New York Jets and Washington Commanders), according to a report from VinePair.

The most expensive beer in the NFL? That belongs to the Eagles with a price tag of $14.67, nearly a dollar per ounce.

The cheapest teams in the NFL? That would be a tie at $6.25 between the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons.

Now, the team that could be making the most money? The Green Bay Packers who charge $9.50, just under the league average, but cater to the fanbase that drinks the most beer.

The average Packer fan drinks 6.3 beers on game day, topping the second place team the Chicago Bears by more than a beer on average (5.2). Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers, holds just over 81,000. So even if you only include half of that crowd size drinking an average load of beers, that would be more than $2.4 million for beer on one Packers game day.

Anyone else miss football?

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