Corey Smith's 10th studio album, While the Gettin' Is Good, is a collection of 12 songs, but only one can be the first single. The singer-songwriter is revealing the project's first single, "Feet Wet," exclusively with The Boot.

"Feet Wet" is a feel-good song that explores a perfect summer day, but it's also deeper than the first listen suggests. Smith's acoustic guitar and laid-back vibe help get the message across in the catchy tune.

"On the surface, "Feet Wet" may seem like just another summer-themed sing-a-long, riffing on familiar notions of leisure and living in the moment. However, I hope people will take the time to peel away the layers and explore the deeper meaning," the Georgia native tells The Boot. "To me, it's a coming-of-age song about getting to a place in life where we don't feel we have to prove ourselves to others, where we can be content going at our own pace, on our own terms."

Smith took his own words to heart on his new record, which marks the first time ever that he personally has not produced one of his records. Instead, he chose to hand over the reins to country music producer Keith Stegall, known for his work with the Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson, among others. Smith also chose to feature many musical heavy hitters on the disc, including Mike Hines, Kris Dale, Lee Davis, Antwane McMullin, Eric Darken, Dan Dugmore, John Willis, Stuart Duncan and Sam Levin, among others.

"Feet Wet" was the last song that Smith wrote before recording the album's title track.

"It's a good representation of the mindset that guided me through making the album -- very relaxed, content with myself, with no temptation to 'go headfirst off the diving board,'" Smith explains.

"Feet Wet" is set to impact radio on May 11 and will be available on iTunes on April 28. While the Gettin' Is Good is set for release on June 23 on Sugar Hill Records, as part of the Rounder Label Group. All 12 of its songs, which explore themes that include love, hometown pride and personal discovery, were written entirely by Smith.

Listen to Corey Smith, "Feet Wet":