Clint Black is in the mood for love. The country star's latest release, 'Love Songs,' -- a 12-track compilation of some of his most memorable heartfelt tunes -- hits stores this week. But this isn't just a canned greatest hits package. Black actually re-recorded each and every track.

"I wanted to go back and listen to it and not feel like I'd just re-did what I'd already done," he tells AOL Music. "Sometimes when I go back and revisit my older recordings, I find some new twist that might make it just a little bit better. It might be a slight change in the arrangement, or the way vocals are layered."

The CD includes 'Something That We Do' and the Grammy-nominated 'When I Said I Do,' both featuring vocals by Black's wife, actress Lisa Hartman Black. Luckily, it was easier this time around getting Lisa into the studio with him. Black says the first time they cut it, Lisa "talked herself out of it" several times. The immense success of the song must've boosted Lisa's confidence and comfort with recording. That, coupled with the fact that this entire album was cut in the Black's home studio in Nashville, allowing Lisa to simultaneously play recording artist and Mommy to five-year-old daughter Lily.

Black smiles remembering those recording sessions when Lily would join them in the studio. "She's always singing or humming something, just like me when I was little," says the proud dad. "She makes up little songs and parodies songs." But as for Lily's musical aspirations? Well, don't jump the gun just yet. "Right now, she wants to work harder at being an ant farmer," Black says, laughing.

A little piece of home is also included on the 'Love Songs' album cover -- an original Peter Max painting of Clint and Lisa that hangs in their home.

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