Casey James has released the video for his latest single, "Fall Apart." The song is the debut single from his upcoming sophomore album.

In the video, James can be seen driving a van with his band, tossing various items out along the way, including a jar full of shells and a guitar, which seem to be reminders of a former flame.

"Fall Apart," which was written by Will Bowen, Josh Carter and Zach Carter, was, to James, the perfect way to introduce his upcoming project to his fans.

“I worked every day for two and a half years searching for music, finding the things that I want to say as an artist, the way I want it to sound," James explains. "I didn’t sacrifice. Every song I chose has its own purpose and meaning, and they say something.”

The former American Idol contestant wrote or co-wrote all but two of the songs on his freshman album. But regardless of whether he had a hand in penning the songs on his new record, he says still feels a personal connection to each tune.

“When I listen to this music, I feel like it’s my life,” James acknowledges. “All my mistakes; my decisions, good and bad; my thoughts, my hopes ... everything that I am has led me to make this record. I’m doing my best to use the blessings that I’ve been given to make the world a better place, to give what I’m able to, and not hold back anything.”

One lucky reader of The Boot, plus a guest, won a trip to watch the making of the video for "Fall Apart."

Download "Fall Apart" on iTunes.

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