Carrie Underwood clearly doesn't see the need for much down time. The Oklahoma native will wrap up her current run of dates on Sept. 13, and then immediately head to New York City to begin rehearsals for a live performance of 'The Sound of Music,' which will air on NBC on Dec. 5. And after that? Her new album, of course.

"After ['The Sound of Music'], I feel like I can really buckle down and start working on the next album," she tells Billboard, hinting that she may tone down the next tour. "I haven’t thought about it much because I don’t know what the next album is going to sound like, but I like just standing there and singing, too. I may take a different approach, a more simple approach on the next one, I don't know."

The singer pulled out all the stops for her 'Blown Away' tour, utilizing nine buses, 16 trucks, 89 people and more than 2600 pounds of confetti. The large stage production, she says, was due in part to her love of rock concerts growing up.

"I loved the energy that rock concerts had," Underwood explains. "So œthe Blown Away tourž was me wanting that and me wanting really cool light stuff happening around me. We tried to incorporate the best of all worlds into our little stage show.”

The 'See You Again' singer has upcoming shows in Oregon, Michigan and Texas. See the remainder of her upcoming concerts here.