The Bellamy Brothers are doing their part to ensure aid gets to New Zealand earthquake victims.

The February 22 quake, which registered a 6.3 tremor, left the city of Christchurch in ruins and many residents without homes. This is the second such earthquake to hit the area in five months. Now that people are understandably focused on the earthquake devastation in Japan, the Brothers want to make sure that the New Zealand disaster victims are not forgotten.

"We are excited to help get the word out about the celebrity auction for the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake victims," says David Bellamy. "Our hearts also go out to the folks in Japan and we hope to assemble a similar benefit for them in the very near future."

In support of the earthquake victims, the Bellamy Brothers have joined the New Zealand Red Cross and Judy Seale International to raise support through live auctions held from May 1 through May 10. A smaller auction will also be scheduled on eBay.

Find out more details on the Bellamy Brothers' Facebook page here.