Zac BrownFamed musician and chef Zac Brown does double duty every Thanksgiving, making two separate feasts with his family and friends. On Thursday, Zac and his large family, including "herds" of his nieces and nephews, get together at his sisters house for the traditional feast which includes two dishes from each member of the family that Zac says he would "put it up against anybody's spread for Thanksgiving."

But the festivities don't end there. The weekend following Thanksgiving, Zac and his wife Shelly host their 'Zac Brown Band crew/friend/family' feast where the good times continue to flow.

"We started over the last few years doing Thanksgiving at my house for all of our friends, and it's the same thing and the same concept," Zac tells The Boot. "Everybody comes together and hangs out at mine and Shelly's house. That's kind of our extended family which is really my family because they know more about me and what's going on with me and my life than my blood family does!"

When they hold their annual ZBB Thanksgiving feast, they stray from the traditional turkey and have a variety of meat that satisfies everybody.

"I always smoke a whole rib-eye instead of doing turkey because everybody's turkey'd out by then," says Zac. "So we smoke some serious meat on those days – whole rib-eyes that have been injected, rubbed, and smoked all night long!"

In the meantime, Zac and his band are enjoying life by remaining at the top of the Billboard Country Singles Chart with their third consecutive No. 1 hit, 'Toes.'