Zac BrownZac Brown admits that "intimating moments" rarely happen to him in his life and career because of his positive outlook.

'"Intimidating' is a funny word because it's kind of like being afraid of something," Zac tells The Boot. "One night I was hanging with Willie Nelson on his bus, and that was a big milestone. That was something I was like, 'I can't believe I'm sitting here with him right now,' but there aren't many things that I'm intimidated by. If it's something that we believe in or that we love to do, there's no fear involved at all."

If there's one thing that could possibly border on intimidating, it's the Zac Brown Band's first headlining trek, the Breaking Southern Ground Tour, which is currently underway.

"I guess it's intimidating to think about ... because this is our first full-on headlining tour," Zac notes. "We went from all of us cramming into one bus to this tour -- having four buses, two semi's and 35 people out on the road. The idea of all this could have been a little bit intimidating, but it's working. Everybody's in. Every week we'll just tighten up on all the details of everything a little bit more -- get the wardrobe, video and lights straightened out and how we want to dial into each song. It's more daunting than intimidating."

Undaunted on the charts, the Zac Brown Band's latest single, 'Toes,' is the group's third consecutive Top 10 hit from their album, 'The Foundation.'