What do this summer's 'Star Trek' movie, 'Beavis and Butt-head' and the Zac Brown Band have in common? Actor and music video director Clifton Collins, Jr.

You might not know his name, but you'll likely recognize the face: In addition to his critically acclaimed role as death row inmate Perry Smith in 'Capote,' Collins can currently be seen playing a Romulan in 'Star Trek,' and will also be featured in the upcoming film 'Extract,' from 'Beavis' creator Mike Judge.

But country music fans have witnessed Collins' work as a music video director. His clip for 'Chicken Fried' earned Collins and the Zac Brown Band nominations for this year's CMT Music Awards. And the actor / director might not have had the opportunity if Judge wasn't also an enthusiastic ZBB fan.

"I said, 'Mike, I've got five days off coming up,'" Collins told MTV News. "'You think I could fly out to Georgia to shoot 'Chicken Fried' for Zac Brown?' He said, 'Whoa, you're gonna shoot 'Chicken Fried' for Zac Brown? I think that's really great that you're playing a redneck in my movie and you'd be flying to Georgia to shoot a Zac Brown video!"

Collins' interest in country music was fueled by reading 'In Cold Blood,' the non-fiction book written by Truman Capote, which forms the basis for much of the 'Capote' film. In it, Collins' character sings three of Hank Williams' songs.

"I did some research and thought these songs really had a lot to do with the time. I got lost in all of Hank's songs," Collins recalls.

After their successful collaboration on the 'Chicken Fried' video, Collins and the band reunited on the clip for the band's second single, 'Whatever It Is.'

The question of whether Collins and the group will take home any trophies for their work together will be answered during the CMT Music Awards' June 16 telecast. Collins says he feels pretty good about his chances -- after all, the ceremony will take place on his birthday.