The Zac Brown Band is in the midst of their first headlining trek, as they criss-cross the country on their Breaking Southern Ground tour. Each night before the band takes the stage, they get together with their instruments for a pre-show ritual.

"We all get together about 30 minutes beforehand, and we sing four or five of our favorite songs just to warm up our voices," ZBB violinist Jimmy De Martini tells GAC. "We kick everyone else out. It just starts to get that energy going."

After their little jam session, Zac and his band perform yet another ritual -- but this one is a bit more unusual.

"Right before we get on stage, we do a little huddle where we put our hands in and scream, 'Ooh, girl!' I think that's something that [guitarist] Coy came up with when they would hoot and holler at a girl walking down the street," Jimmy laughs. "For some reason, we do it ... I don't know why! But it's pretty important, because there's been times when we've gone onstage and forgot to do it, and we'll walk back off stage, and we'll do it just to get it in there."

The Zac Brown Band is currently spending their second week at the top of Billboard's Country Singles chart with their third No. 1 hit, 'Toes.'