If you hadn't guessed from the Zac Brown Band's hit "Chicken Fried" and their Southern Ground Music & Food Festival, the band likes food. So it's fitting that the FYI network will be airing a new original series, Rusty's RockFeast: Backstage With Zac Brown Band, featuring Southern Ground's executive chef Rusty Hamlin, the Grammy Award-winning band and a whole lot of decadent food.

In the seven 30-minute episodes of Rusty's RockFeast, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the ZBB's "Eat & Greets," their one-of-a-kind pre-concert meet and greets, which include a sit-down meal. At each tour stop, the chef and the band cook up locally sourced gourmet food in "Cookie," an 18-wheel mobile kitchen, and then serve it to and eat with the fans.

"Our love for music and food had me and Rusty thinking about how to give our fans the most memorable experience," says frontman Zac Brown. "It breaks down all barriers with the fans when we are at their service. We serve them up amazing food, and it's the perfect way to really get a chance to meet them and do something different. I'm constantly impressed at how Rusty pulls it off every night not knowing what groceries he's going to have. It's off the cuff every day, and he makes it look so easy."

Chef Rusty and his team prove at each stop that they are incredibly good at what they do: When they arrive in a new city on the band's tour, they only have a few hours to source all of the ingredients needed for the meal -- and they never serve the same menu twice.

"It may seem like an impossible task to roll an entire restaurant around the country and whip up a completely new meal every night, but we truly love what we do," says Hamlin. "What the crew and I pull off every night is nothing short of a culinary miracle. We feed fans and the band in a farm-to-table experience unlike any other."

Even though it must be a tiring experience, it's also delicious -- and so fitting of the band.

“We are planning on doing that forever,” ZBB fiddler Jimmy DiMartini tells The Boot. “It’s really important to us to always reach out to fans.”

Rusty's RockFeast: Backstage With Zac Brown Band is set to premiere on July 23 at 10PM ET on FYI.

The ZBB are currently on their 2015 summer tour; a complete list of tour dates is available at ZacBrownBand.com.

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