"Amazing" and "diverse" were the two words members of the Zac Brown Band used in describing the two huge festivals they performed last weekend. The band were musical guests at Tennessee's Bonnaroo Festival last Thursday, followed by a performance at the CMA Music Fest on Friday.

"Bonnaroo had such diversity. It allowed us to pull out all the other styles that we do in our hour-and-a-half show," group leader Zac Brown told The Boot. "The CMA Music Fest was amazing as well, because we had not played in front of a lot of those folks before. It gave us a chance to blow them away."

The band, which broke into the country scene last year with their runaway hit 'Chicken Fried,' was grateful to be at CMA Music Fest to personally thank their fans. "We realize we wouldn't have our life in music if they didn't buy our music and buy the tickets to come see us play," Zac acknowledged. "This event is one giant meet-and-greet. It gives us the chance to give back to those people, make new fans and reacquaint our selves with the ones who already know us."

Fans will be happy to know that the Zac Brown Band plans to release a live DVD and double CD from a performance in Atlanta coming up in October. Zac says he and his bandmates write so many songs that they plan to do one live recording and one studio album per year, in order to get all their music out.

In fact, when the band was in Detroit recently, they stopped by Kid Rock's studio to record a song they had written called 'Colder Weather.' Zac says it's his favorite song that they've ever written, and fans can look for it on an upcoming release.