The Zac Brown Band launched their 'Letters for Lyrics' campaign earlier this year, to encourage fans to support U.S. military troops by writing letters of encouragement. Partnering with Dodge Ram to help achieve the goal, more than 327,000 letters have already been written and sent all over the world.

With an ultimate goal of one million letters, the guys in the band have now expanded the initiative by allowing fans to send notes to the troops online. The Grammy's Best New Artist winners, who became passionate about supporting the troops after spending time overseas, felt this was the best way to increase momentum in the worthwhile cause.

"Performing with the USO for the men and women in uniform has been a great experience for us," Zac explains. "We wanted to find a bigger way to thank them, a way to mobilize people nationwide to show their support for these incredible individuals."

In addition to focusing their time and energy on 'Letters for Lyrics,' the guys are also putting the finishing touches on their upcoming CD,' You Get What You Give.' Following up album the double-platinum disc 'The Foundation,' Zac says, is both a blessing and a curse.

"We love our fans and are very connected with our fans," Zac Brown tells The Boot, lamenting his packed schedule. "I just hope everybody stays with us. We are not trying to be snobs or jerks. We are in a whirlwind trying to figure out the best way to be accessible. [People think] we have changed. We haven't."

To participate in 'Letters for Lyrics,' click here.