The Zac Brown Band have released "Beautiful Drug" as the next single from their 2015 gold-selling Jekyll + Hyde album.

With lines like, “You’re such a beautiful drug / I can’t get enough / Addicted and I’m dying for a hit of your love / Got a death wish baby, baby / Don’t want you to save me, save me / Tonight," the rhythmic, electronic-sounding tune, written by Zac Brown and Niko Moon, is definitely a stretch for the Southern rock band -- one Brown hopes will entice a wider audience.

“Believe it or not, it’s about a girl," he says. "But she’s the guy’s beautiful drug. I think that’ll be a big crossover tune for us.”

Before releasing their latest album, the Georgia-based band hinted that Jekyll + Hyde would show new elements of the group's musicality.

"Our boundaries have dissolved, and we're going to still do things that are somewhat familiar that people like, but we're also going to stretch out and take chances beyond what we've done before," Brown tells Rolling Stone Country. "Some people are going to be really surprised."

The ZBB are currently crossing the country on a headlining tour in support of Jekyll + Hyde.

“We just turned everything up,” Brown says. “We cranked it up playing all this music live that we have on the record.

“We could easily just play the same and not invest in making everything new, but people deserve that if they’re gonna come out,” he continues. “It’s like the new movie that we’re putting on this year. We’re taking that a little bit further this year.”

A list of all of the band's upcoming shows is available on their website. Purchase Jekyll + Hyde on Amazon and iTunes.

Listen to Zac Brown Band, "Beautiful Drug":

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