The Zac Brown Band lit up the 2015 CMT Music Awards stage with "Homegrown," showing off their signature harmonies and receiving a standing ovation from their country peers and fans.

The response to "Homegrown," as shown at the awards show, has been huge. "Homegrown" was the most-added song on country radio the week it was released, as the first single off of ZBB's Jekyll + Hyde album.

The new record was released on April 28, and "Homegrown" is the kind of song that every country fan loves. Its chorus celebrates the simple, yet deeply inspiring, gifts in everyday life: “I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t / Homegrown." The lyrics continue, touting the happiness that comes from having “a good-looking woman with her arms ’round me” and “a small town where it feels like home.”

In a fitting music video, ZBB called on their fans to display snapshots of their daily lives, from family dogs and beach trips to weddings, barbecues and more.

ZBB's Jekyll + Hyde is a project that the band members are incredibly proud of; it shows a side of the band that's not been seen before.

”We always push the boundaries on the styles we put on a record,” Brown explains. “On our last record, we had a straight R&B song. We’ve gone further on this album, where we have a Big Band song, kind of a Sinatra-type song; we have a couple songs that have electronic music on them. We’ve got a couple rock songs, maybe a little heavier than what we’ve done. So the title Jekyll + Hyde really covers the breadth of the record.”

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