Wynonna Judd is looking -- and feeling -- better than ever these days. The mother of two recently dropped 55 pounds and five dress sizes, and was able to celebrate in a unique way during a weekend getaway to Las Vegas.

"I went to my first club in Vegas and danced on the pole with friends," Wynonna, 46, tells People. "I feel more alive."

Earlier this year was a different story as the singer had multiple health scares which included blood clots in her lungs and injuries after being involved in a head-on collision in Salt Lake City. After bouncing back, Wynonna says she became "more determined than ever to commit to a healthier lifestyle."

Wynonna's tricks to keeping the weight off include brain-state conditioning, a treatment that helps patients be less inclined to turn to food during stressful situations, as well as keeping her pantry stocked with a healthier selection. "My weight was a symptom and not the problem," says the singer. "I used food to soothe and reward, and I don't do that anymore. [Also now], very seldom will you see donuts in my house because I can eat a box. It's like a chip; I can't eat just one."

One of the greatest joys in dropping the pounds is being able to shop for a new wardrobe, which Wynonna says has been a huge boost to her self-confidence. "If you look at old Judd photos, I was hiding in turtlenecks and coats," she says.

Wynonna details her new favorite clothing items: jeans, low-cut tops and sexy undergarments. "I went into a lingerie store for the first time where I didn't feel embarrassed," she says proudly. "I left feeling like Miss America!"

Look for Wynonna in her sexy new clothes, along with her mom, Naomi Judd, on the road through December. The Judds have reunited for their Last Encore tour. Click here for a complete list of tour dates.

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