She's a singer, a songwriter -- and now a brand-new author. This week, Wynonna Judd released her first novel, 'Restless Heart,' a fictional tale about an aspiring country singer named Destiny who follows her dreams to Nashville. The story, Wynonna says, serves a much bigger purpose than just entertainment.

It's a story of hope," she tells NBC's Today Show. "In the crazy world of 'sexting' and e-mail, it is time to read."

The story, Wy explains, is meant to be inspirational to teens who think their own career ambitions might be out of reach. "I'm a home-school teacher mom, and I feel like kids out there today have so many options," she explains. "I'm just trying to give this next generation the idea of what it's like to dream, to have fantasies and to think about what it's gong to be like to sing on the Opry and to make it."


As the novel is loosely based on her life, the Kentucky native says she wanted to use 'Restless Heart' to remind others of the highs and lows on her own path to stardom. "As an artist, I just wanted to tell my story," she explains. "[Destiny's] younger and thinner and has more stars in her eyes. I've had 25 years. I'm definitely still in wonderment, but yet I've had that experience and wisdom.

"She has a star in here eyes, sort of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, 'I want to be a star' girl," Wynonna continues, explaining the inspiration behind the book's heroine. "I've got a daughter, Grace, who is on her way to that same idea. I just have a thrill about these young girls going, 'Wynonna Wynonna, what's the deal about her?' And finding out who I am, my story. I want to tell it, give other people encouragement, and say, 'Read@' ... All I'm trying to do is be an example of what's possible."

In addition to making her debut as an author, Wynonna is also getting ready to star in a new reality TV series on Oprah Winfrey's new OWN nework, alongside her mother, Naomi Judd. Taping the show, Wynonna admits, taught her a lot about herself and her mom. "I can't tell you [what I learned] but I found myself going, 'Really?' an awful lot," she admits. "As Oprah said best, 'We bring it. Whether it's good or bad or ugly, we bring it.'"

'Restless Heart' is available now, and can be purchased here.