Wynonna Judd took time out of her schedule to visit with the surviving family members of the deadly blaze that killed nine people in Kentucky on Jan. 30.

The fire killed a mother and eight children, leaving 11-year-old Kylie Watson and her father Chad hospitalized at Vanderbilt Medical Center. According to Surfky.com, Judd contacted a caseworker at the hospital to arrange a visit, which lasted more than an hour.

"Wynonna heard about the story, and being from Kentucky herself, she told us last night she was immediately moved with sadness and grief," the family's pastor Adam Brown says. "She just has a soft spot for Kentucky and Kentuckians."

"She spent well over an hour with us, hugging every person in the room, and sharing so many words of wisdom." he continues. "She told us about the tragedies in her own life. Somehow, she just related so well to the sadness that we had. It was like having a mother hen in the room. Everyone just grew so close to her so fast."

The Band Perry also lent a helping hand to the family, offering to pay for the funerals for all nine of the deceased, as well as hotel expenses for family members staying near Vanderbilt to support Kylie and Chad.

Funeral services for mother LaRae "Nikki" Watson, 15-year-old Madison Watson, 14-year-old Kaitlyn Watson, 13-year-old Morgan Watson, nine-year-old Emily Watson, eight-year-old Samuel Watson, six-year-old Raegan Watson and four-year-old twins, Mark and Nathaniel Watson will be held Saturday (Feb. 8) at Felix Martin Hall at Muhlenberg County High School. A public visitation begins at 11AM, followed by a funeral service at 1PM.