Wynonna Judd may have plenty of awards, but her husband, Cactus Moser, is about to receive an honor of his own.

The drummer, who was in a tragic motorcycle accident last year that required his leg to be amputated and resulted in severe damage to his left hand, returned to his role in his wife's band only six months after his injury. His formidable spirit and remarkable determination has been an inspiration to fans all over the world, which is why he will be honored during the 13th Annual Pathways Matters of the Heart Golf Challenge and Gala Weekend.

The event, held Oct. 11-12 in Dallas, will include a special tribute to Moser.

“His remarkable recovery has been an inspiration to so many,” explains Debbie Wright, Executive Director of Pathways. “Prior to his accident, Cactus and Wynonna were known as strong supporters of our military families. Through his rehab experience, they have become deeply touched by the challenges of our service men and women returning from deployments with similar injuries.”

Pathways is a non-profit that works with individuals of all ages and their families to help them overcome barriers and difficulties, to achieve their greatest potential. They also help military families deal with various issues, including the effect of deployment on other family members, and the challenges of returning to civilian life after being in combat.

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