Wynonna Judd has forgiven talk show host Wendy Williams after comments she made about Judd's younger sister, Ashley.

Williams was doing a segment on her show about couples who are reuniting and discussed Ashley and her race car driver husband Dario Franchitti, who split in January. The couple have apparently reunited after Franchitti was in an accident at the Houston Grand Prix.

But when Williams started making jokes about the fact that Ashley and Franchitti have been married 11 years but have no children, Wynonna decided it went too far.

“If you're not going to have kids, then why get married? Williams said on her show. “... I mean, 11 years? And now she's 45 so, you know, she's kind of rotten down there.”

Though the entire segment was done in a comically irreverent tone, Judd took offense to that remark. She took to Twitter, posting, "@WendyWilliams said @AshleyJudd is 'kinda rotten down there' just because she is 45 yrs old. I HAVE RESPONDED #unacceptable."

She went on to tweet several subsequent comments on the matter. One of Wynonna’s final tweets -- which have since been deleted from her account -- stated, “People say this crap & get away with it. It hurts. We are human, not robots. If you talk trash about my family I am going to feel like anyone else would. I can talk about my family, Lol, but if someone else does…… #Godbewithyou.”

Judd did not delete one final tweet on her account, which recognized Williams' apology.