Willie Nelson is bringing 'Luck' to life in a new novel. 'A Tale Out of Luck' is the title of a new book the 75-year-old music legend co-authored with Mike Blakely. It's a classic western tale, set in Luck, Texas -- a fictional town that has served as a backdrop for several of Nelson's projects, including his 'Beer For My Horses' video with Toby Keith.

This is one of several books Nelson has co-authored throughout his illustrious career. Others include 'The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart,' 'The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes' and 'Willie: An Autobiography.'

Read an excerpt from 'A Tale Out of Luck,' after the jump.

Hank stepped outside into the freezing air, oblivious to the sleet that pelted his face under his hat brim on a hard-driving north wind. A rumble of thunder came from some distant hills. Half the crowd in the bar followed the procession outside, but stopped short of stepping into the fresh mud of Main Street. Gotch Dunnsworth grumbled at the cold, the wind, and the freezing rain, but slogged through the deepening mire and angled across to the general store. The lanterns were still burning in the store. Sam lengthened the wicks, giving more light, and dug around behind some crates under the counter until he produced one of the arrows removed from Wes James. Hank lay the arrow shaft from Gotch's fiddle case next to the one from under the counter. "Well, that settles that," he said. "That's Black Cloud's signature, alright. He's back."