Willie Nelson, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, Austin blues legend Jimmie Vaughan, and political radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones were featured performers and speakers at "Peaceful Solution, Peace Revolution, Take Back America," an anti-Iraq war event streamed live on the Internet from the Backyard Live Oak Amphitheater in Austin, Texas last weekend.

Both Nelson and Ventura have been outspoken against the war in recent months, and have also expressed controversial opinions regarding a 9/11 cover-up. Nelson made headlines earlier this year after he told the Alex Jones Show that he thought the twin towers of the World Trade Center were imploded like condemned Las Vegas casino buildings.

Ventura, citing his training as a Basic Underwater Demolition Seal, has also called into question the freefall collapse of the towers and nearby Building 7.

In a series of conversations on video, Nelson, Ventura, and Jones discussed the implications of the 2008 presidential election, the economic downturn, and lingering questions about 9/11. Nelson, as the President of Farm Aid, also challenged the government to bailout family farms instead of Wall Street.

Alex Jones has produced over 15 documentary films, including he anti-war 'Terrorstorm.' His radio show is syndicated to over 80 stations across the country.