Snoop Dogg has gone country, with a little help from Willie Nelson. The iconic rapper and country legend have teamed up for Snoop's latest single, 'My Medicine.'

"It has a country-music feel to it," Snoop tells MTV of the duet. "I shot the video in Amsterdam and Nashville during the Country Music Awards . . . It's not a typical hip-hop song, but once people listen to it and see the visual effect to it, they're gonna enjoy it."

Snoop and Nelson recorded the song and parts of its video in Amsterdam on April 20 -- "4/20" -- a self-proclaimed holiday for marijuana advocates. (Just in case you were wondering what these two have in common.) They became fast-friends on the trip, hanging out in their hotel, playing dominoes and card tricks. But who smoked more? When MTV asked Snoop Dogg that question, the rapper admitted it was him. "But Willie's a soldier -- stars, stripes and bars," he said.

The 'My Medicine' video hasn't been released yet, but Snoop says it will have a western theme.

"I get to be a gun-slinging cowboy with my brim on, my boots on, my jeans on, my long jacket, jumping off a horse," he said. "Walking into a brothel, spitting game, leaving with a dame and the money."

Snoop tells MTV that he has already made such an impact on hip-hop that it feels good to venture out into other music genres.