Can't get behind McCain or Obama? How about a Redheaded Stranger? There's a write-in movement underway, complete with campaign song, extolling the virtues of electing country music icon Willie Nelson as the next President of the United States.

The song, available on Blushtone Records, is performed by former Pirates of the Mississippi lead singer Bill McCorvey. Its humorous lyrics include, "Let's write in Willie Nelson for president/ Someone we can trust to run the government /I'll bet he could fix this/And get rid of the IRS." The song also speculates that with Willie in the White House, "Air Force One would smell like weird cigars," and that President Nelson might be able to "keep the peace between the Dixie Chicks and Toby Keith."

Informed of the Draft Willie Nelson for President campaign, Nelson declared jokingly, "If nominated, I wouldn't run. If elected, I wouldn't serve. However if served, I would drink."

Nelson, coincidentally, appears as himself in the upcoming political-comedy film 'Swing Vote,' starring Kevin Costner.